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HP Helion - Cloud for the new style of IT

A new style of IT is emerging. Cloud computing is fundamentally changing the way people live and work. And the changes will impact information technology including people, processes and technology. By leveraging cloud, IT can dramatically improve the speed of innovation, enhance business agility and lower costs, allowing IT to gain credibility with the business and be seen as a true hybrid cloud partner.

In order to succeed in this transition, IT must become both a builder and broker of services, providing services from traditional sources, as well as from public, private and managed clouds. HP Helion delivers enterprises with the essential foundation of technologies and services to confidently build and consume cloud services. Learn how HP can help you to adopt cloud to transform your business and drive innovation.

Big Data

Everything today’s enterprises do—from internal management to external demand generation and fulfillment—is impacted by data. Organizations that instantly connect and analyze Big Data from multiple data streams can transform their business models.

Explore this year’s Big Data track and discover how HP helps enterprises across many industries profit from their data. Hear how HP benefited when our own IT group transitioned to a culture of analytics using the HAVEn platform—the core of our Big Data solution. Learn how HAVEn enables organizations to exploit 100% of relevant information—including human information, machine data, and business data—to radically improve processes, interactions, and business outcomes.

The journey to analytics can be complex; we offer infrastructure and services to help. Talk to our experts and learn how to merge Big Data technologies with your traditional environment. See our analytics engines and open-source Hadoop running on HP Converged Systems reference architectures. The moment to tap the full potential of Big Data is now. See why Big Data changes everything.

Security and Risk Management

Today, attacks are more sophisticated, persistent and targeted than ever. Organizations face a complex challenge: protecting data and valuable information assets without constraining resources and innovation. Discover how the HP security solutions can help you build and execute security and risk management strategies that continuously protect information assets and data.


Mobility is the new interaction and engagement paradigm; it’s the manifestation of your digital vision and the face of your organization. Companies with a successful mobile program deliver user-centric experiences and provide multi-channel access to people, applications and information. To achieve success, you need to do more than just support mobile devices—you need to approach mobility as a multi-faceted program that includes crafting a mobile strategy, developing apps on multiple platforms, implementing BYOD, securing the environment, re-engineering your infrastructure and providing ubiquitous network access.

Join us to hear business, case study and implementation insights to help drive your successful mobile journey.

Printing and Personal Systems

Businesses today not only face intense competitive and economic pressures, they also face an onslaught of complex, IT-based issues. HP prides itself on customer-centric technology that solves modern-day business challenges. HP’s Printing and Personal Systems Group (PPS) offers an innovative portfolio that includes personal computers, technical workstations, printers, graphics solutions, managed services and Internet services. In these sessions, you will learn about ‘consumerization of IT’, hear about workflow, security and mobility solutions and discover new workflow integration services that enhance productivity. From creation to consumption, HP seeks to meet the business needs of your organization and make it easier for your business to run securely and efficiently.


Today, we all have more access to more data from more sources. The challenge for the enterprise is turning insight into timely action. With over 100 track sessions to choose from, you have the opportunity to hear case-studies and learn about new products and solutions from experts who can help you deliver an exceptional applications and infrastructure experience, monetize your data and protect your information assets from compliance and cyber-threats whether on premises or through the Cloud so that everyone in your enterprise can capitalize on opportunity now.

Enterprise Services

Are you ready for what’s next? Tap into HP’s knowledge, innovation and processes to stay ahead of changing demands and achieve better business results. From services that help you optimize your technology infrastructure to ways you can leverage HP’s applications and business expertise, you’ll gain insights in the Enterprise Services track sessions. Learn how collaboration with HP can help you grow your business, increase agility, manage risk, shift spending from operations to innovation and improve enterprise decisions.

Network Functions Virtualization

Challenged in addressing exploding network traffic while revenues decline? Facing competition from over-the-top (OTT) players who are agile, flexible and quickly deliver new revenue generating services? The root challenge for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) is that much of their network architecture is built with vertically integrated hardware and software. To add capacity or support new service offerings, network elements have to be provisioned and updated as customized appliances. That’s inflexible, slow, and expensive.

Leveraging the flexibility of open, standardized, multi-vendor NFV solutions, CSPs will accelerate the delivery of new services to their customers as they transform static and proprietary infrastructure. Carrier solutions such as the evolved packet core (EPC) which makes 4G LTE communications possible, and customer premises equipment (CPE) will become virtualized returning the agility advantage back to the CSP from the OTT players. Learn how HP can help you leverage NFV on your journey to the carrier cloud -- so you can fully realize all opportunities within “The New Business of the Network.”

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