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HP Transformation Workshops are unique, slide-free and practical. At Discover Barcelona 2014 you have the opportunity to preview and get introduced to these unique workshops that support you to create a smarter, faster, and a more efficient platform for innovation and growth.

The session will help gain insight on the following fundamental questions:

  • What is your current situation? Develop a clear understanding of your business drivers, challenges, and ongoing initiatives.
  • What will your journey look like? Identify critical success factors while examining the capabilities and assets that are essential for a successful transformation journey.
  • What can be achieved in business terms? Achieve value through IT alignment; we'll identify and provide solutions to your business challenges.
  • How do you develop a roadmap? Discuss business cases and ROI models.

Register for any of the below sessions by completing the sign-up form. We will try to accommodate your request, but please note that completing the sign-up form does not confirm your workshop reservation. You will receive an email confirmation that includes details about the workshop. If you have additional queries, please contact us at

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Workshop topics
HP Big Data

Big Data changes everything and organizations need the power to act now. The companies that succeed today aren’t the ones who have the most data, but the ones who use it best. Not sure where and how to start? Join HP experts to talk about strategies, technologies, architectures and services that will help you to become a more agile and data driven enterprise.

HP Cloud

Build your cloud transformation journey. Be part of an interactive and immersive experience, tailored for and driven by your business and Cloud agenda to help you develop clarity, consensus and vision.

HP Security

Would you like a better understanding of how to transform your management of information security risk and cyber operations, with a focus on implementing a strategy to better support your business objectives while addressing the increasing threat of the adversary?

Enterprise Mobility

Would you like a better understanding of how to define and implement a strategy for managing the increasing complexity and heterogeneity of mobile solution in your desktop environment?

Advise IT “Your Path to the New Style of IT”

Is your IT under pressure and finding it difficult to keep up with the business demand? Would you like to assess and develop capabilities around people, process, technology and governance that are required to deliver value to your business? Would you like to develop a comprehensive IT Strategy that is aligned with your business needs and based on key stakeholder inputs?

Application Transformation

Would you like a better understanding of the factors and what it takes to embark on an Application transformation journey towards the new style of IT? Applications Transformation Workshop: Video

Cloud Protection

Would you like a better understanding of the additional security controls needed to protect your information assets and applications that are migrated to the cloud?

Converged Infrastructure

Would you like a better understanding of an IT Infrastructure that delivers a new level of simplicity, integration, and automation for faster business outcomes? Converged Infrastructure Transformation Workshop: Video

Converged Management

Would you like to understand the benefits and overcome the challenges of managing your data center from a single pane of glass, integrating data center facilities, IT infrastructure and Service Management using a holistic management framework?

Data Center Facilities Consulting

Ensure your Data Center Facility objectives and priorities are aligned with your business requirements, and that decisions are made based on current best practices and industry trends to enable your evolution to the New Style of IT. Journey through the lifecycle of Critical Facilities considerations, from planning through design and construction to on-going operations and management.

Data Center Transformation

Would you like a better understanding of how to capitalize on a Next Generation Data Center transformation and want to standardize, automate, reduce energy consumption and change the economics of IT?

DevOps Transformation

Would you like a better understanding on how to accelerate the application release process with continuous integration, continuous deployment/continuous delivery and continuous testing?

Enterprise Agile Apps Lifecycle Management (EA-ALM)

Would you like to understand how to apply practical agile scaling practices across your enterprise to increase the quality, the velocity and the relevance of the solutions and products your IT delivers? This workshop will show you how.

Enterprise Storage & Backup Transformation

Would you like a better understanding of the external and internal drivers that impact and influence your storage and backup estate, and to define a strategy that enables you to drive out business value through transformation of data management platforms?

IT Management Transformation (ITM)

Would you like to know more about how IT Management solutions (ITM) can help your organization in realizing your potential in delivering IT value along the IT service life-cycle? Then join us for a demo session of an ITM Transformation Workshop. The key focus areas of the ITM_TE are the HP IT Value chain concept for IT Management and the HP IT Management solution portfolio.

Network Transformation (SDN)

Would you like to enable major saving and flexibility improvements by using a true multivendor approach in your networking infrastructure?

NFV Transformation

Looking for an effective and measurable transformation to NFV? Do you want to better understand the how to leverage NFV that delivers a new level of simplicity, flexibility, and automation for faster business outcomes?

Service Integration and Management / Multi-Supplier Integration (SIAM/MSI)

The Service Integration and Management Transformation Workshop is specifically designed for organizations interested in converging their legacy and cloud service offerings and integrating the management of both. This workshop demonstrates how your business can gain a clear understanding of the drivers and goals that will define your hybrid service delivery transformation. You will leave this workshop demonstration with thought provoking ideas from quick wins to design and deployment good practices as well as field proven value realisation concepts

Software Defined Infrastructure Transformation

What is Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) and Software Defined Data Center (SDDC)? Why should you be interested in SDI? What specific benefits does SDI provides? What is the difference between SDI and Cloud?

Support Transformation

Delivering just the right service level for the business is a key requirement and often a challenge. In this 1:1 workshop, HP Experts will help you to have a better understanding of how you can improve your IT service levels - and reduce your cost.

Windows 2003 End of Support

Our workshop focuses on providing a visualization of all decision-making aspects of a Windows 2003 migration using the best practices for design and deployment through the use of HP Converged Infrastructure framework. Attend this workshop to understand what this migration means to you, consider the security, regulation and risk of non-compliance aspect which will help you build your migration roadmap.

Visit us on-site at the Transformation workshop desk in front of the Discover Zone or reserve your session at the Transformation Workshop reception area.

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