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Converged Cloud

A new style of IT is emerging. Cloud computing is fundamentally changing the way people live and work. And the changes will significantly impact Information technology including people, processes and technology. By leveraging cloud, IT can dramatically improve the speed of innovation, enhance business agility and lower costs, allowing IT to gain credibility with the business and be seen as a true partner.

In order to succeed in this transition, IT must become both a builder and broker of services, sourcing services from traditional sources, as well as from private and public clouds. HP’s Converged Cloud delivers enterprises with the essential foundation of technologies and services to confidently build, operate and consume cloud services across private, managed and public clouds. Learn how HP can help you to adopt cloud to transform your business.

Big Data

Harness the power of big data. In the next three to five years, there will be a widening gap between companies that understand and exploit big data and those that don't. The companies that succeed in turning big data into actionable information will have a distinct competitive advantage. Today, most companies are aware of big data, but when it comes to actually exploiting it, they're barely scratching the surface.

Join us to learn what it takes to turn big data into big opportunities.

Security and Risk Management

In today’s constantly evolving technology landscape, security threats are more sophisticated, persistent and targeted than ever. That sets up a complex challenge: how to protect information assets without constraining innovation. Discover how HP can help you build and execute security and risk management strategies that help drive your organization forward.


Mobility is the new interaction model. Your mobile presence is the face of your enterprise; it’s your service portal to customers, employees, citizens and partners. You are focused on building great mobile user-experiences – by empowering your employees (BYOD) and by guiding your business/marketing teams on how best to reach their mobile customers. By taking a connected approach to mobility, you can provide universal access to people, applications and data. To do this, you’ll need to do more than just support mobile devices—you’ll also need to craft your mobile strategy, develop mobile apps on multiple platforms, implement BYOD, secure your environment, tune your infrastructure and transform your wireless network. When you approach mobility as a multi-faceted program, your customers and employees will be able to engage wherever they are. The Mobility track will share business, case study and implementation insights to help drive your mobile journey.

Application Transformation

We believe we have entered the most exciting era for enterprise applications. The primary way organizations will differentiate themselves in the future is by delivering the best user experience through the most compelling applications.

HP’s approach to exploit this dynamic of modern applications is based on three key focus areas:

  1. Design, deliver and integrate new application solutions based on mobile apps that enhance customer service and engage with employees and partners
  2. Assess, transform and manage applications to the cloud
  3. Rationalize and modernize the traditional application portfolio

Converged Infrastructure

Still have too many resources tied up in ongoing IT operations? Still looking for ways to cut IT budgets while accelerating business agility? If so, then HP Converged Infrastructure is the solution you are looking for. By breaking down traditional infrastructure silos, you’ll speed innovation, enhance agility and improve customer satisfaction and employee productivity. Analysts agree, convergence is inevitable and it’s a trend that will drive IT for years to come. Join us in the Converged Infrastructure track to learn about the future of your data center and how you can prepare for the next decade of convergence. Discover practical, effective ways to shift resources from operations to innovation, get maximum ROI out of your virtualization initiatives and pave the way to the cloud.

Printing and Personal Systems

Businesses today not only face intense competitive and economic pressures, they also face an onslaught of complex, IT-based issues. HP prides itself on customer-centric technology that solves modern-day business challenges. HP’s Printing and Personal Systems Group (PPS) offers an innovative portfolio that includes personal computers, technical workstations, printers, graphics solutions, managed print services and Internet services. In these sessions, you will learn about ‘consumerization of IT’, hear about workflow, security and mobility solutions and discover new workflow integration services that enhance productivity. From creation to consumption, HP seeks to meet the business needs of your organization and make it easier for your business to run securely and efficiently.


No matter your industry or your role, progress always starts with an idea. In today’s technology-driven enterprises, realizing your ideas requires the best information and applications, delivered quickly and securely. Nearly 200 software sessions at HP Discover 2013 present innovative solutions to help you deliver applications, harness big data, secure your enterprise and run the infrastructure that powers your business. Through product roadmaps, expert perspectives on industry trends, best practices, customer stories and technical deep dives, you’ll gain insights to help you solve problems, achieve business results and advance your career.

Enterprise Services

Are you ready for what’s next? Tap into HP’s knowledge, innovation and processes to stay ahead of changing demands and achieve better business results. From services that help you optimize your technology infrastructure to ways you can leverage HP’s applications and business expertise, you’ll gain insights in the Enterprise Services track sessions. Learn how collaboration with HP can help you grow your business, increase agility, manage risk, shift spending from operations to innovation and improve enterprise decisions.

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