Transform to a hybrid infrastructure

Today's broad variety of apps and data require different delivery models for each business outcome. A hybrid infrastructure combines traditional IT, private, managed and public clouds, so you can deploy the right mix for the applications and services to power your business. When traditional IT and cloud work together, you can accelerate your enterprise further by delivering new foundations, workflows and development platforms that your current and future applications demand.

Accelerate infrastructure

HPE offers industry-leading infrastructure technology across servers, storage, networking and services to help you build a fast, agile foundation for the applications that power your business today and tomorrow. Explore these sessions to help you deliver workloads more quickly, securely and cost-effectively.

Accelerate applications and operations

Learn how to harness automation and orchestration of your infrastructure and application delivery processes. Whether you need to run traditional apps or enable DevOps to accelerate delivery of new apps, learn how HPE and our partners can help you accelerate your time to value.

Deploy hybrid

You speed time to value by continuously delivering new apps and services to customers, partners and employees. This requires a hybrid strategy that bridges physical and virtual environments in one open, agile innovation platform. Learn how to best optimize critical systems running your enterprise, and deliver the best environment for your complete mix of applications.

Unleash developers

In order to transform your apps and services you must empower your developers. But it doesn’t stop there, because applications evolve. HPE delivers expertise, tools and insights to guide app iteration to increase productivity of developers and create the best possible user experience.

Protect your digital enterprise

The New Style of IT requires a new style of information security. Protecting our users, applications and data is at the forefront of enterprise business needs. See how HPE’s revolutionary solutions can protect your digital enterprise.

Know what's coming

Protecting your enterprise is as much about identifying risks and threats as it is preparing for breaches. Every second matters. See how crowd sourced threat intelligence and security, application and operations assessments can help prepare for and defend against attacks.

Protect your users, apps and data

Whether in the cloud or your data center, you can secure your data. See how new encryption methods, secure key management, real-time application security and the latest DLP solutions can keep your data safe.

Secure interactions and manage breaches

Reducing the time it takes to detect a breach is key to reducing the impact to your enterprise. See how advanced security analytics can transform big data into timely, actionable intelligence to detect and remediate malware and insider threats.

Safeguard continuity and compliance

Can your enterprise continue with business after a breach or failure of systems? See what new hardware, software, big data and business planning solutions are available to help you ensure business continuity and meet compliance requirements.

Empower the data-driven organization

Core to the New Style of Business is accelerating innovation before your competition does. How? By having an idea, capitalizing on all your resources, rapidly and continually course correcting, and delivering superior business outcomes. These are the driving principles that 21st century organizations will abide by to innovate and thrive, or if they ignore, they will be marginalized. Data is the fuel that drives the innovation engine.

Discover the value of your data

Many companies are unsure of which data is of value or how to handle Big Data. HPE will help you quickly discover the value of all your relevant data and chart a roadmap that supports rapid ROI through pragmatic projects.

Build your data-centric foundation

Legacy architectures and skillsets are focused on delivering hindsight reports on incomplete datasets. HPE will help you complement and extend these systems through a flexible, data-centric foundation that is modular and reusable at Big Data varieties, volumes, and velocities, delivering analytics results at the speed of business.

Capitalize on the Internet of Things

Delivering real value from IoT requires capturing and processing video, sensors, meters, logs, etc. at an unprecedented scale and speed. HPE can provide secure, distributed compute solutions from the data center to the network’s edge, automating and transforming your business process and interactions with your customers.

Achieve superior business outcomes with Big Data

With HPE we will not just unlock the value of your data by taking an operations-focused, project-by-project approach, we will transform your business models, attract and retain customers, enabling you to stay ahead of your competition.

Enable workplace productivity

Expectations of IT users have dramatically changed, from your employees, your customers, your citizens, or other end users. For employees and contractors, the workplace is no longer limited to a specific office. For customers and citizens, the expectation is that people should be able to seamlessly interact across the physical and virtual world. Users expect efficient, collaborative and connected experiences.

Any place, any device, any time

A foundation to transforming your users’ experience is giving them full, cost-effective, seamless access to information wherever and whenever they are and with whatever device is at hand. This starts with an all-wireless infrastructure that costs less to deploy and run. It then extends to client virtualization and enterprise mobility management.

Seamless communication and collaboration

The Idea Economy is impossible without communication and collaboration. This is key not only to the outputs of your organization, but it is also critical to attracting and keeping talented employees. Let HPE help you to engage talent with instant, anywhere, anytime team collaboration.

Intelligent workplace

You’re expected to do the impossible: cut workplace operating expenses and improve user productivity. As difficult as it would seem, it is possible to delight both your users and your CFO. HPE can help you transform to an efficient and productive workplace through a combination of cloud, automation and self-service.

Digital user experience

One of the apparent downsides of the Idea Economy is information overload. To avoid this, HPE delivers solutions that automatically or very easily provide relevant, contextual information to employees, partners and customers. This can increase user loyalty and provide a basis for new operational and business models.