Transformation Workshops are unique, slide-free and practical. At Discover 2015 London you have the opportunity to preview and get introduced to these unique workshops that support you to create a smarter, faster, and a more efficient platform for innovation and growth.

The session will help gain insight on the following fundamental questions:

  • What is your current situation? Develop a clear understanding of your business drivers, challenges, and ongoing initiatives.
  • What will your journey look like? Identify critical success factors while examining the capabilities and assets that are essential for a successful transformation journey.
  • What can be achieved in business terms? Achieve value through IT alignment; we'll identify and provide solutions to your business challenges.
  • How do you develop an actionable transformation roadmap to drive business outcomes? Discuss business cases and ROI models.

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Workshop topics
Transform to a hybrid infrastructure

In the Idea Economy– many of your best ideas will come to life as services or applications. You need to be able to bridge the applications and workloads of today, with the services, applications and workloads of tomorrow. Doing this effectively, means first you have to accelerate your move towards a responsive IT environment and manage your journey successfully so that you can achieve the benefits you expect-agility, flexibility and cost effectiveness. This workshop helps you build the vision, gain common understanding of how your business processes can be supported by services, how applications deliver those services and what that implies from an infrastructure perspective. You can then start developing a high-level plan for the transformation to this responsive environment. You also hear how Hewlett Packard Enterprise can meet your business processes, applications, service delivery requirements while addressing the impact of this change on your people, process, technology and governance.

Protect your digital enterprise

Would you like a better understanding of how to proactively protect the three elements that matter most in the new era of IT – users, applications and information – across any location, repository or device? Explore "adaptive" protection, cyber-defense and resiliency strategies necessary to seamlessly, intelligently and effectively operate in today’s complex digital enterprise.

Empower the data-driven organization

Moving away from Infrastructure centric operation is the next step in the Big Data revolution. To do this requires the alignment of business and IT vision, combined with an understanding of information value enabling your data to drive your enterprise forward. Take this opportunity to work with a trusted and experienced partner, together we will explore what has to be done to change to a new mode of operation. Enter the world of the data driven enterprise, the new style of business.

Enable workplace productivity

The nature of work is changing. Employees are virtual. Alliances are ad hoc. Work happens anywhere, anytime, on any device. In the Idea Economy, companies must deliver experiences that empower employees and customers to create better outcomes. While maintaining security. Explore how you can achieve new workplace efficiencies and enable net new innovation in a constantly fluid landscape which blends the boundaries between employees, customers and partners.

Office 365 Transformation

Are you considering Microsoft® Office 365 as part of your workplace productivity strategy? Achieving all of the benefits of Microsoft® Office 365 while maintaining regulatory compliance and ease of use requires comprehensive planning and alignment. Experience Experience Hewlett Packard Enterprise's approach to helping you prepare for the transition and migration—built on our proven workshop approach and extensive experience in implementing Microsoft solutions.

NFV Transformation

Looking for an effective and measurable transformation to NFV? Do you want to better understand how to leverage NFV and deliver a new level of simplicity, flexibility and automation for faster business outcomes? Be part of this enlightening workshop.

Transform to cloud

Build your cloud transformation journey. Be part of an interactive and immersive experience, where we’ll tailor an event to combine your enterprise Business goals with your agenda for cloud to help your team develop clarity, consensus and vision.

Applications Transformation

Would you like a better understanding of the factors and what it takes to embark on an Applications transformation journey towards a New Style of Business?

Enterprise storage and backup Transformation

Let our senior consultants walk through your Enterprise Storage and Data Protection infrastructure, highlight where you are today and work with you to design and implement a roadmap to get you to your desired state that enables you to drive business value through transformation of your data management platform.

Flexible capacity

Flexible Capacity is a new approach to consuming IT. Gain the agility of using a public cloud – rapid scalability and pay-per-use – in the privacy of your own datacenter. In this workshop we work through your situation, your growth plans, financial needs, and how you operate IT. We will leave the workshop with an understanding of ways that Flexible Capacity can help you, and identified next steps.

Network Transformation (SDN)

The increasing pace and unpredictable nature of the business places significant demands on the network and the network team. In addition, users expect the same experience whether wired or wireless wherever they are in the workplace. Today’s networks are complex, rigid and fragile from decades of growth based on traditional design and investment approaches. Explore enablers such as software defined networking and wireless first to transform your network to keep pace with business and user demands while managing the risk of change.

Data Center facilities consulting

Today’s data centers need to enable, not impede, IT initiatives. IT planning has regular 3-year cycles, facilities planning is typically in 10-20-year cycles. Businesses need to bridge the gap and better align facilities planning with IT and business initiatives. Your first step is the HP Data Center Facilities Transformation Workshop. Together we examine your existing data center facility lifecycle, exploring a wide variety of issues and considerations when determining requirements and priorities

Software-defined infrastructure

Where virtualization and automation capabilities leave off, a software-defined infrastructure (SDI) takes over, giving you the agility, speed, and performance you need with today's hyper-speed business. By abstracting proprietary vendor hardware- and software specific tasks from the normal physical and virtual IT assets, SDI creates a central control layer that enables applications, administrators, and users to manage and control IT assets more dynamically. This one-day workshop helps you crystallize your software-defined vision and identify the impact SDI will have on your IT infrastructure. Experienced Hewlett Packard Enterprise professionals help identify the issues and challenges you'll face when transforming from traditional IT to an SDI.

Service Brokerage and Multi-Supplier Integration Transformation

Multiple suppliers and managed services are commonplace in modern IT organizations. Discover how organizations converge their legacy and cloud services under integrated management and improve service delivery quality. This workshop demonstrates how your business can identify key drivers and goals to define your hybrid service delivery transformation to allow you to more efficiently and effectively deliver business value. Learn how different service delivery models, regardless if they are traditional, SaaS or cloud based, can be integrated and managed across multiple internal and external suppliers. Join us for a slide free discussion with thought provoking ideas from quick wins to leading practices.

IT4IT Transformation Management

IT organizations are under increasing market pressure to do more with less. Discover how to expand the value, business impact, and capacity across the IT service lifecycle using automation, orchestration and transformation. This workshop demonstrates how the IT4IT value chain concept for IT Management can help you to obtain more value from your enterprise solution portfolio in a slide free discussion with thought provoking ideas from quick wins to leading practices.

Enterprise Agile-Application Delivery Management

Would you like to understand how to apply practical agile scaling practices across your enterprise to increase the quality, the velocity and the relevance of the solutions and products your IT delivers? This workshop will show you how.

DevOps Transformation

IT enabled business services are under pressure to be delivered faster, more often, more predictably, with less risk, and lasting quality. This workshop demonstrates how DevOps principles can be applied at enterprise scale to provide increased velocity and cadence without sacrificing quality and simultaneously reducing risk. Join us for a slide free discussion with thought provoking ideas from quick wins to leading practices.

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