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What past attendees said

Suffice it to say, I felt that HP was addressing me directly……John Obeto

Connect with HP Enterprise communities.

At Discover you can meet with the leading technologists and members of HP and independent communities.

HP Enterprise Business Community

Don't miss out on discussing the hottest enterprise topics from mobility to networking, storage, services, software and more. This forum gives you the opportunity to engage and collaborate with other experts on the top challenges facing enterprises today and the key solutions other members are using to solve these issues. You can join in the conversation through knowledge sharing and discussion, getting and giving advice and commenting on the many blogs.

Learn more about the HP Enterprise Business Community

HP ExpertOne

Transforming technology through certification, learning, and community

Get what you need to pioneer IT transformation within your organization. HP ExpertOne offers certifications and training across a wide range of disciplines to help you ensure the success of critical IT projects and get the most out of your technology solutions. Join the HP ExpertOne community today and gain access to top IT professionals and HP experts around the globe. Learn about the skills training available to help you make technology matter.

And don’t forget to visit the ExpertOne Community Lounge on the HP Discover Zone floor. Our leading technologists will be there. Stop by and see how we can provide you and your team the concierge service to the training you need.

Learn more about HP ExpertOne

Connect Worldwide

Connect Worldwide is the largest technology community of HP business technology customers around the world. Our mission is to provide members with the best value and return on HP business technology investments by providing advocacy, community, and education. We support HP business technologies including servers, storage, networking, security, operating systems and infrastructure software. You’ll find nearly 40 chapters in 70 countries and an active social network of over 18 Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

Find out more about Connect Worldwide
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Your worldwide independent HP software community

Vivit is the unbiased, trusted and field-tested HP Software user group which provides support through education, community-building, advocacy and career development programs for members.

Share, collaborate, exchange and grow. Anytime. Anywhere.

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