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Converged Cloud

Today everything is mobile, connected, interactive, immediate, and fluid. Enterprises require technology to drive innovation and growth, and to meet the rapidly changing expectations of customers and citizens. IT must become a service broker, sourcing services from traditional (dedicated) sources, private cloud, and public cloud. HP Cloud solutions provide the benefits of enterprise-class cloud services. Learn how HP can help you to adopt cloud to transform your business.

Information Optimisation

For the first time in the IT industry, there is a fundamental shift in the "I": information in the form of social media, rich media, clickstreams, sensor data, audio, video, images, email and more. The ability to extract real value from human information is the new currency of business, but only if enterprises can analyse and act on 100% of information.

Learn how HP can help you address governance, management, social media, analytics, and big data opportunities with structured and unstructured data.

Security and Risk Management

In today’s constantly evolving IT landscape, security must protect assets without constricting the flow of information between enterprises and governments and their customers or citizens. Discover how HP can help you develop integrated security approaches that deliver advantage by aligning security to ever-changing business and government demands.

Application Transformation

Evolving business models, technology advancements, and a changing workforce are mega-trends shaping the next generation of successful businesses and governments. Core to the exploitation of these trends is Application Transformation, a capability of HP that helps you gain control over aging applications and exploit game-changing technologies in the areas of Cloud Computing and Mobility.

Converged Infrastructure

It is more and more difficult for IT organisations to keep up with the accelerating speed of business. Why? Most of their people and budget resources are tied up in ongoing IT operations just to keep the lights on. So how do you overcome organisational, application, server, storage, and networking silos that prevent you from helping your business innovate, improve the customer experience, and become more competitive? Join us in the Converged Infrastructure track to learn how to shift resources from operations to innovation, increase agility and efficiency, get ready for the ‘cloud’, and identify pragmatic next steps to move towards infrastructure convergence.

Converged Infrastructure sub-tracks

Industry Standard Servers

As we celebrate 23 years of ProLiant, we know your success depends upon solutions to unlock your organisation's full potential. Join us in the Industry Standard Servers track and experience how we are helping you respond to the cloud era by making servers smarter. Learn how innovation in the form of better application optimisation, unmatched energy efficiency, and just plain simpler management and support throughout the lifecycle gives you the ability to improve your service levels for a lot less cost and effort.

Mission-Critical Systems

As an IT leader you depend on your mission-critical environments to play a vital role in the success of your organisation because downtime can mean lost business. HP Business Critical Systems announced Project Odyssey to revolutionise the future of mission-critical computing. In the Mission-Critical Systems track, you will discover how HP continues to advance the future of mission-critical computing on Integrity, HP-UX, NonStop, and OpenVMS. You will also learn how HP is furthering the scale-up x86 environment by making the full mission-critical experience a reality for Windows and Linux environments.


Converged infrastructure is changing the way people buy and deploy storage. Not only is storage an increasingly important component of future data centres, HP is also offering a new approach to run storage. Regardless of whether you have virtualised your infrastructure, whether you have just started your journey to the cloud or run your environment the traditional way, your approach to deploying, managing, and provisioning storage needs to radically change in order to increase the efficiency and agility of your IT infrastructure. Learn how HP storage offers you unique benefits to make your converged infrastructure a reality.


HP Networking has changed the balance of power in the networking industry with the FlexNetwork architecture, a converged network, server, storage, and security fabric based on open standards that delivers up to twice the industry-leading performance and reduces total cost of ownership by up to 60%. HP continues to pioneer advances in networking technology by developing solutions, products, and services to better serve our customers and help them meet their changing business needs. In the Networking track, you will learn more about the FlexNetwork architecture and the innovations HP continues to make to simplify networking, virtualisation, and cloud connectivity.


Your mobile presence has become the face of your organisation and the self-service window to your customers/citizens. You have to focus on building and maintaining a strong mobile experience. By taking a strategic approach to mobility, you can optimise your infrastructure for those mobile connections that will engage your mobile customers and support your mobile workforce. You need to make informed mobile device decisions but also look past the device to craft a mobile strategy, develop engaging mobile apps on multiple platforms, implement BYOD for your staff, secure your mobile apps and transform your wireless network to let your customers and employees engage, wherever they are. Strategic advantage will come from taking a holistic approach to the mobility, one that connects the employee/customer/citizen directly to your enterprise goals.


As virtualisation has gained adoption, multitier network architectures, virtual sprawl, and inflexible storage, have increased complexity. HP’s Converged Infrastructure technologies including our turnkey VirtualSystem solutions and virtualised HP Networking solutions, HP Storage, HP servers, and HP Insight Management software have helped more customers address these challenges and enabled them to deploy more VM’s and support more virtual clients faster, with less costs and complexity. HP virtualisation solutions help VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, Red Hat, and HP-UX customers to deploy and manage existing resources more effectively, migrate data and applications faster, minimise downtime, and provide standardisation to enable the pathway to cloud.

Printing and Personal Systems

Businesses today not only face intense competitive and economic pressures, they also face an onslaught of complex IT-based issues. HP prides itself on customer centric innovation and technology that solves modern-day business challenges. HP’s Printing and Personal Systems Group (PPS) offers an innovative portfolio that includes personal computers, technical workstations, printers, graphics solutions, managed-print services and internet services. In the PPS track sessions, you will learn firsthand about elegant hardware designs that provide an answer to the ‘Consumerisation of IT’ trend, hear about workflow, security and mobility solutions and new workflow integration services that help enhance productivity. From creation to consumption, PPS seeks to meet the evolving business needs of your organisation and make it easier for your business to run securely and efficiently.


IT management professionals—you want your IT organisation to be a performance-driven culture that contributes directly to the success of the business. Nearly 200 software sessions at HP Discover 2012 present the newest and best solutions to help you achieve those goals. Through product roadmaps, expert perspectives on key IT trends, best practices, customer success stories and technical deep dives, you’ll see how HP Software gives IT the visibility and control you need to operate a seamless, secure technology landscape. Specific topics cover everything that your IT department does, from strategy and planning, to professional and team management, to application development and management, to operations, security, quality assurance, and more. If it’s IT management software you’re looking to discover and business problems you’re trying to solve, attend the HP Software sessions at HP Discover 2012.

Software sub-tracks

IT Performance Suite

Attend these sessions and learn how HP software can help you manage the strategic performance of your entire IT business. Individual sessions will show you how we can help you improve business strategy alignment, project execution, operational excellence, customer satisfaction, and IT financial performance--as well as your ability to prove IT’s value to the business. You'll get acquainted with the IT Performance Suite from HP Software--the industry’s first systematic approach to digitising the sensing, measurement, and instrumentation of the entire IT-controlled landscape into a consolidated view for IT leaders and practitioners. And we'll tell you the complete HP Software story and show you how you can control your entire IT landscape to help your organisation perform better.

Strategy, Planning and Governance

Delivering against your business objectives and IT strategy depends on many factors. The most critical is the ability to view and manage your overall performance and to balance the many diverse drivers and demands on your organisation. If your people and systems aren't performing at peak levels, and your investments are not in line with enterprise priorities, your organisation won't be successful. Most enterprises lack the information and processes to effectively manage their investments in assets and strategic initiatives. Their data is buried in organisational silos and processes are not standardised. Join this track to learn how HP can help your organisation achieve real-time process control over projects, portfolios, finances, and resources, thereby better aligning investments with business goals and achieving lower costs with less risk and faster deployments.

Application Lifecycle Management

Nearly every business process in today's enterprise depends on software. Unfortunately, enterprise IT organisations struggle to deliver modern applications and services at the speed the business demands. Join us in these track sessions and learn how HP is delivering the industry's first integrated application delivery system for managing and automating the complete application lifecycle, from proposal to production. You’ll see how the HP web-based solution can be deployed on your premises or accessed via software-as-a-service, and how it works across all major development environments for both custom and packaged applications.

Operations Management

Silo'ed operations and manual processes are no longer adequate in a world that demands speed, agility, efficiency, cost control, and strong alignment with overall IT performance. The sessions in this track explain how HP IT operations solutions bridge application performance monitoring and data centre infrastructure management by spanning network, system, storage, and client devices and servers. We’ll show you how they automate key service-desk and asset management processes while enabling you to manage your IT infrastructure and operational processes across the lifecycle of applications and business services. Sessions will cover data centre automation and cloud-service automation, and customer case studies and detailed discussions of recent product developments will demonstrate how HP IT operations solutions—delivered via traditional software licenses or as software-as-a-service—can help your operations team deliver reliability, security, and regulatory compliance with minimal staff and cost.

Quality and Performance Validation

While most IT organisations are currently transforming their applications, the businesses they support are still requiring them to be agile, deliver faster, and keep quality high. How do you achieve all this? Attend the sessions in this track and explore solutions and processes that can help you meet rising demands as you conduct functional and performance testing. Whether your environment is simple or complex, whether your infrastructure is traditional, mobile, or cloud-based, HP specialists and our most successful customers will show you how to deliver quality in today’s demanding context.


Risk management has evolved from a discipline focused on compliance to a process of managing overall business risk. With hybrid environments becoming the norm and users accessing business services from anywhere in the world through multiple devices, IT must measure, understand, and act on risk across the entire organisation. This track will help you identify and solve business-risk issues in the areas of application security, mobile security, cloud security, network security, security monitoring, data security, and log analysis. In addition, several sessions show you how to measure and respond to overall business risk with a combination of IT operations and security operations.

Big Data Analytics

Vertica solves challenges in the real world. Our purpose-built analytics platform enables companies to monetise their data at the speed and scale they need to thrive in today’s economic climate. Vertica’s solutions revolutionise the relational database and deliver scalability and flexibility that are unmatched in the industry, delivering 50x-1000x faster performance at 30% the cost of traditional solutions.

The Vertica solution is truly built for analytics with technology born of the modern age. It is not a back-end legacy database. In other words, we don’t merely store your data, we help you realise the potential that the data offers.


Are you ready for what’s next? Tap into the in-depth knowledge of HP’s people, their innovation and world-class processes to stay ahead of changing demands and achieve better business results. From services that help you optimise your technology infrastructure to ways you can leverage HP’s outsourcing expertise, you’ll gain insights and answers in the sessions in the Services track. Learn how collaboration with HP can help you to: grow your business, increase agility and manage risk, shift spending from operations to innovation, and drive improved enterprise decisions.

Services sub-tracks

Application Services

Whether you need to develop new applications, transform existing applications to the cloud, streamline operations, or drive cost savings, HP can help you address your challenges with an innovative approach which can simplify the development, rationalisation and transformation of your applications, changing and improving their longevity, resiliency, and adaptability. Join our experts to discover how our extensive experience can provide you with comprehensive modernisation solutions and service strategies improving your business performance and reducing your application and related infrastructure costs.

Business Process Outsourcing and Industry Solutions

A connected world demands outstanding performance. Whether your organisation needs to increase revenues, accelerate business growth, streamline operations or drive costs savings, HP can help. With our business process services you can transform your operating model, enhance your agility and maximise your results. Join us to learn how our clients have leveraged HP's business process services to achieve the outcomes that matter to them and discover how we can help you too.

Infrastructure Technology Outsourcing

Balancing IT efficiency, innovation and modernisation can be a major challenge for your enterprise. You will have access to our subject matter experts to discuss your requirements and how Infrastructure Technology Outsourcing Services can help you prepare for future success. HP can provide you choice and flexibility in sourcing options, deep expertise, proven methodologies and global resources, resulting in a flexible, secure, automated and orchestrated infrastructure foundation that is capable of dealing with your ever changing business requirements.

Technology Services Consulting

Consulting services that help you to rapidly adopt Cloud and Converged Infrastructure while optimizing the security, availability and efficiency of your facilities and infrastructure. Join this track to learn how our consultants bring to you relationships and engagements with valued, differentiated HP services and solutions to create full life-cycle, annuity-based in-sourcing relationships.

Technology Services Support

Technology services support are much more than break/fix. Technology services support help you navigate this ever increasing complexity of IT solutions without accidents and with a strong focus on getting it right and keeping it right. Support services also help to avoid downtime rather than dealing with “IT” after it happens. Join this track to learn how our support consultants (from support engineers to business critical consultants) bring to you proven best practices, trusted advice, strong customer relationships and a breadth of technical expertise to complement your IT staff whereever needed.